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EMR(Electronic Medical Record) Services

We’re proud to present SmartIdeas inc’s  EMR  cloud-based electronic medical record platform for doctors and patients. The application uses PHP under the covers to store patient name, medical details, consulted physicican and other information so you don’t have to download anything.


An Electronic Medical Record (EMR) is a secured digital version of a paper based record for a patient. Within a single healthcare facility, EMR goes beyond just data and contains comprehensive medical and treatment records like error free patient history, customized and scalable reports, medical transcription, billing information and other important details for a complete patient profile.

This application is available anytime , anywhere just through a touch. This helps a common man by updating the history of his diagnosis, information about the physical examination, your lifestyle, diagnoses and prognoses; results about the treatment and procedures undergone.

It is a process in which the patient information is been electronically saved or stored health information in a digital format that is easily accessible through online.



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